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About Xpel Marketing

Dr Magic

Help for all your domestic needs. Blocked plug holes? Colour running in the wash? No problem! Dr Magic has it covered. Is there a doctor in the house? If it’s Dr Magic your life just got easier.

Dr Magic Double Action Foamer

Clears build ups & removes blockages using our dual action formula.

Dr Magic 2 in 1 Toilet Cleaner

Dr Magic 2 in 1 Toilet Cleaner uses our special oxygen action combined with stain eliminator for double the
cleaning power.

Dr Magic Caustuc Soda

Dr Magic Drain Un-blocker with Caustic Soda is a general purpose heavy duty cleaner, sanitiser and degreaser for home and industrial use.

Dr Magic Snatch A Dye

Dr Magic Snatch A Dye makes colour run a thing of the past and keeps your colours crisp and sharp. Our advanced formula will help snatch running dyes & dirt from your washing, helping your laundry to look as good as new.

Oven & Grill Cleaner

Ideal for cleaning ovens, pans, barbecue grills and stainless steel surfaces.

Dr Magic Oven Sense

Oven Sense Oven & BBQ Cleaner makes scrubbing and scouring a thing of the past. Apply directly inside the oven or use our special bag for racks and grills, simply place them in the bag leave a while then wipe - don’t scrub - Easy! You know Oven Sense makes sense!

Dr Magic Screen Cleaner

Dr Magic Screen Cleaner for Laptops, LCD & Plasma screens. Removes finger prints & dust. Comes complete with our micro fibre cloth to only further enhance your viewing pleasure.

Dr Magic Black Fluid

Dr Magic Black Fluid is a maximum strength outdoor disinfectant specially formulated to Eliminate odours from drains and bins, remove mould, fungi and algea from paths and driveways, disinfect patios, plantpots, stables and kennels and clean greenhouses. This all purpose disinfectant also kills bird flu.