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Xpel Health & Hygiene Products


Guard yourself and your family from the ever multiplying attack from germs and bacteria with Mediguard. From cleaning work tops to anti septic wound sprays. All Mediguard products deal with germs giving you peace of mind in the knowledge your loved ones are protected.


Specially formulated to give antibacterial protection and moisture to your hands, the Medex range of handwashes use a mild formulation that helps to remove harmful bacteria as you wash leaving your hands feeling clean and fresh day after day.


The Medipure brand sets your mind at ease and establishes confidence in yourself and your personal environment. The antibacterial hand washes help to kill germs and moisturise your skin with Aloe Vera or glycerine variants available. Our portable hand sanitisers offer portable protection for people on the go.


Our huge variety of h2 Zero hand sanitisers can be used at anyplace at any time without the need for water or towels. The h2 Zero brand helps to kill common germs that can cause illness without leaving behind any residual stickiness but also cares for and moisturises your skin. We also offer h2 Zero disinfectant wipes which are ideal for removing dirt, grease and grime from kitchens and bathrooms.

Mucky Pup

Mucky Pup medicated and flea repellent dog shampoo delivers superb grooming for your precious pooch. Its medicated formula is gentle on the skin leaving a healthy, glossy coat. This fabulous body and coat wash utilises our special formula creating a luxurious lather which rinses easily away giving fantastic results.