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About Xpel Marketing


The L’amour range has been developed to bring the freshness back into your fabrics, and overall bad odours that may linger in your home. With the sweet smelling fragrances of Ocean Breeze, and Meadow Fresh, they are sure to help eliminate any bad odours.

L’amour Fabric Freshener

L’amour Fabric Freshener instantly freshens anything from curtains and clothing to carpets and suites. Our special formulation effectively removes odours from practically all fabrics and materials including everyday odours like tobacco, cooking smells, pets and alcohol with a few simple squirts!

L’amour Room Freshener

L’amour air fresheners have been specially created to bring the natural outdoor scents of summer indoors. Available in Ocean Breeze and Meadow Fresh the water based formula delivers a long lasting fragrance without the need for propellants which may harm the environment