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Xpel Brands


Osiris Avisé caters for all your beauty requirements from exfoliating wipes to anti wrinkle night cream. Osiris Avisé products keeps you looking your best with healthy beautiful skin.

Just Cleanse

Just Cleanse offers cleansing and facial washes for casual or daily use to help keep your skin in tip top condition. In addition, our deep pore cleansing lotion offers treatment and deterrent for blackheads and spots. Our special formula helps remove dead skin and aids in unblocking pores.

Dr Magic

Help for all your domestic needs. Blocked plug holes? Colour running in the wash? No problem! Dr Magic has it covered. Is there a doctor in the house? If it’s Dr Magic your life just got easier.


Oxyfresh 2 in 1 Stain Remover has a dual action deep cleaning system which can be used on spot stains or added directly to your washing machines load. Our special 2 in 1 cleaning formula
loosens tough stains and then removes them.


Here at Xpel Marketing we know the importance of oral hygiene so we created Dentex to help keep your teeth and gums healthy for a winning smile. Dentex products help to look after your teeth, after all they should last you a life time.


Guard yourself and your family from the ever multiplying attack from germs and bacteria with Mediguard. From cleaning work tops to anti septic wound sprays. All Mediguard products deal with germs giving you peace of mind in the knowledge your loved ones are protected.


Specially formulated to give antibacterial protection and moisture to your hands, the Medex range of handwashes use a mild formulation that helps to remove harmful bacteria as you wash leaving your hands feeling clean and fresh day after day.


The Medipure brand sets your mind at ease and establishes confidence in yourself and your personal environment. The antibacterial hand washes help to kill germs and moisturise your skin with Aloe Vera or glycerine variants available. Our portable hand sanitisers offer portable protection for people on the go.


Our huge variety of h2 Zero hand sanitizers can be used anyplace, any time; without the need for water or towels. The h2 Zero brand helps to kill common germs that can cause illness without leaving behind any residual stickiness but also cares for and moisturises your skin. We also offer h2 Zero disinfectant wipes which are ideal for removing dirt, grease and grime from kitchens and bathrooms.


Xpel's Mosquito Range is THE essential travel requirement and is quite literally second to none.
We have a wide range of repellents and bite and sting reliefs available in a wide range of solutions from sprays, wipes to plug-ins. We even have special Deet free kids packs to add to our constantly growing line up. No more irritating bites or stings no matter where you are in the world.


The Reflex range of shower gels offer exciting fragrances giving you that long lasting fresh feeling.
The Reflex Active range is ideal for those of us with a more Active lifestyle. Use it at home or take it to the gym, the perfect way to refresh yourself after a workout.


Prestigious and luxurious, discover the Heritage range of fantastic hand washes and foam baths.
The range consists of classic fragrances designed to invigorate the senses whilst caring for the skin. Pamper yourself and enjoy our Heritage.

Dalton House

Dalton House premium handwashes are a touch of fruity class. Available in Strawberry, Peach and Apple fragrances to stimulate the senses with great cleaning abilities. Dalton House makes each wash of the hands a treat.

Lip Silk

Lipsilk Lip Balm moisturises, softens and soothes dry cracked lips with a wide variety of flavours to awaken your senses.


Forget power washing & scrubbing, Moss Clear clears moss, algae & mould without all the hard work. Ideal for use on crazy & standard paving, patios, decking, driveways, walls, roofs sheds & fences. It even works on glass & perspex or any areas with an unsightly build up. Moss Clear is also a great pre-treatment before painting surfaces covered with a green growth.


The L’amour range has been developed to bring the freshness back into your fabrics, and overall bad odours that may linger in your home. With the sweet smelling fragrances of Ocean Breeze, and Meadow Fresh, they are sure to help eliminate any bad odours.

Mucky Pup

Mucky Pup medicated and flea repellent dog shampoo delivers superb grooming for your precious pooch. Its medicated formula is gentle on the skin leaving a healthy, glossy coat. This fabulous body and coat wash utilises our special formula creating a luxurious lather which rinses easily away giving fantastic results.

Sweet Feet

Sweet Feet deodorants have been designed and developed to refresh bad odours left behind in your shoes. Sweet Feet deodorants are particularly kind to sports and training shoes.

Fresh Start

Fresh Start Shower Gels are fresh, fun and fruity! A range of 3 uplifting fragrances Tea Tree & Lemon, Mint & Cucumber and Coconut & Lime they will stimulate your senses whilst leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and invigorated and leaving you ready for the day ahead.

Argan Oil

Our Argan Oil range has been specially formulated using oil from the fruit of the Argan tree.

Tea Tree

Helping to take care of all your beauty needs, with our fantastic Shampoo, Foaming Face Wash, Cleansing Wipes and much more our Tea Tree Range is an essential must have for your beauty regime.

Xpel Auto

Xpel Auto alloy wheel clean set easily cleans brake dust & difficult marks giving you amazing alloys after every application. The set comes complete with alloy wheel cleaning solution, applicator cup, applicator brush & a wheel brush to help clean those hard to reach areas.

OZ Botanics

Oz Botanics are specially formulated using our unique blend of ingredients to offer the complete & essential solution to care for, clean & pamper your hair..


Our Macadamia Oil Extract range uses an exclusive blend of ingredients specially created to revitalise & nourish.

Biotin & Collagen

The Biotin & Collagen range is created using a blend of Vitamin B7 Biotin and Collagen to help strengthen and create the appearance of healthier, thick and fuller hair.


Just4U hair styling solutions for any occasion.

Spa Secrets

Indulge yourself with our luxurious Spa Secrets Range

Fun Foam

Bath time fun with Fun Foam! Much more fun than normal soap! Spray it, bounce it and make shapes with our Fun Foam bath time soap.

Keratin Classic

Our Keratin Classic Shampoo and Conditioner promote smooth, straight, sleek hair.


Luxurious and specially formulated with extract of Kukui Nut Oil, Our Kukui Shampoo and Conditioners help to reduce frizz and leave your hair soft, silky smooth and with a shimmering shine which repels moisture.

Xpel Hair Care

Immerse your dry or damaged hair with our specially formulated Coconut Water Rehydrating Shampoo and conditioner.
Revitalise dehydrated hair back to its sleek, shimmering best.